The Walking Dead 8-bit Cinema

It’s the day of The Walking Dead season 5 finale, and you find yourself unable to remember major plot points. Who was Lori hooking up with in the grass? Who killed Shane and his meaty, meaty earlobes? Is Merle still around? The Governor: Good or bad? With only hours until the finale, the time isn’t there to binge watch. What to do?

Enter The Walking Dead 8-bit Cinema. Bringing back the graphics, the animations, the title screens and old-school nostalgia of the original NES of games while hitting the plot of The Walking Dead to the letter, The Walking Dead 8-bit hits the mark. But it’s the sound that takes it to the next level for me. It doesn’t even sound like any game in particular, it sounds like every game. The bleeps and boops of the bullets flying and the text running onto the screen ring so true.

The plot is true. The action is fast. The drama translates. On the day of The Walking Dead season 5 finally, you need to check out The Walking Dead 8-bit Cinema parts 1 and 2 to get caught up and start the salivation for tonight’s episode.

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