Marvel’s Daredevil Review epi 5,6

We see our newly loved characters on a trio of dates throughout episode five of Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix. Matt is paired with Claire making a rare odd-numbered episode appearance. As they reverse roles, he patches her up and Matt goes in for the kiss and lands it perfectly. That’s more than I can say for my first 11 kiss attempts. They disagree only the direction of cime fighting and part ways early in episode five.

Foggy and Karen pair up to lend a hand to a delightful stereotype of an immigrant that is getting a raw deal in her rent controlled apartment. Surely, there is a bit of corruption in the transition from tenements to condos. Foggy and his wrench get the water back on and Mrs. C prepares a lovely zuppe for the couple celebrating their first official date. In lieu of dessert, there was some odd face touching.

The third date features Mr. Fisk hooks up with his art-dealing, pistol-totting lady friend at a restaurant that he casually buys out with help from his trusted assistant, Wesley. Turns out, the lady knows more than expected about the mysterious Mr. Fisk.

The episode was separated into three dates that were mostly occurring at the same time, but I couldn’t help but think of the date that should have been happening: Welsey and Fisk. For whatever reason, in this episode Wesley and Fisk were coming off a little more Smithers and Burns. I think it was when Fisk described Welsey as “a friend.” Better get a table for three at the next date.

During the episode, we get the dates, but we also get a better idea just how far reaching the corruption spreads in Hell’s Kitchen. Bad cops are gunning down Russians in the interrogation room just for saying a name. If you’re keeping score, Fisk never wants his name said. Beyoncé wants her name said all the time.

The dates conclude with fireworks. Well, actually explosions as Fisk takes out four Russian bases simultaneously. Four simultaneous explosions to end a date? Sounds like a nice night. Foggy and Karen are thrown by the explosion. DD lands under a Russian. Fisk and friend stand hand in hand watching the fire burn.


Episode six picks up postcoitus as Daredevil is completely surrounded by cops – probably all bad ones. The Russian brother with a head, Vlad the Impaled, has been shot, but DD goes to extraordinary lengths to beat up the cops and haul Vlad away. They hunker down in an abandoned building only to be found by a rookie cop. In Daredevil, being a rookie cop is equivalent to wearing a red shirt in the original Star Trek. Your time will be brief and unmemorable.

The previous episode had three dates. This one only had the love connection between Vlad and DD. Daredevil spends the hour trying to get information from someone that is not interested in giving it. Talk about being ungrateful. DD cauterized his gunshot with a road flare that he “heard” in a box across the room. Still no information. He pumped his heart back to life in classic TV “Don’t you dare die on me” fashion. Still no information. What does Matt get? He gets an uppercut from a 2×4.

Elsewhere, Ben and Claire separately work to make the city a better place within the limitations of their vocations. Their motivations seem altruistic at this point. Time will tell what side of the fence they really fall.

In the end, Vlad realized that the enemy of his enemy was his friend. He held off the bad cops with some Russian trigger fingering as DD escaped through access tunnels. Finally, a Russian we can approve of.

Consume.Review.Repeat. rates Daredevil epi 5,6 – 8.5  rookie cops out of 10.

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